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JavaScript Object Constructor

A colleague of mine asked me an interesting question today..."how can I create a constructor for a custom object in JavaScript?" At first, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but then after sounding out each word slowly I got the picture.

I didn't actually know the answer, so I took just a few minutes to hack out my idea of how it would work and I ended up with this...

function Obj() {
  this.Property = null;
  var Constructor = function(obj) {
 obj.Property = "sexy";

var test = new Obj();

Basically you can see that on instantiation of the new JavaScript the internal constructor method gets executed.

I'm sure some JavaScript genius is reading this post and laughing, but fuck you...I thought it was useful!
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IE9 Creates odd behavior in Microsoft Office Communicator

If you are "fortunate" enough to have Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) be your default IM system you will notice that it doesn't work correctly after the IE9 Beta install.

First off, the typing is about a full second lagged behind what you've actually typed on your keyboard. This is VERY noticeable and make MOC completely unusable in my opinion. Secondly, MOC will occasionally turn blue, then freeze for a few seconds, then return back. A behavior I've never seen before installing the IE9 Beta.

Sadly uninstalling the beta only fixes the typing issue. MOC now freezes and turns solid blue about two times per hour. It fixes itself after 3-5 seconds, but is still ultra annoying!

So in short, IE9 can suck my sausage.