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Flash Quick Tip: How to make a MovieClip behave like a button with the mouse cursor

Hi everyone, just a quick tip.

Have you ever wanted to use a MovieClip on the stage as a button? It happens a lot, sometimes you don't want to animate both artwork and a button around and you just want to use the MovieClip itself as the button. You can assign your listeners and everything on the clip, but when you preview the movie the mouse cursor doesn't turn into the little hand as you roll over it. It makes it hard for the user to know that area is interactive. Here's how you fix it!

First, make a MovieClip on the stage and give it the instance name of myButton. Then, on the timeline, enter this code:

myButton.buttonMode = "true";

Now Flash knows to treat your clip like a button as far as the mouse cursor is concerned. Enjoy!